A hard speculative science fiction worldbuilding project about humanity's encounters with sapient aliens.

This project is intended for adults only. Be prepared to see strong language, nudity, explicit sexual content, and more.

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Oct 12 2023 - Replaced divider images on /hex and /about pages with plain hr linebreaks to lower visual complexity.
Oct 3 2023 - Edit to index text. Site map is now up to date. Remember you may need to hard refresh, ctrl+r, to see changes.
Sep 21 2023 - Moved changelog to index and swapped from Tumblr back to HTML. Added /wiki/RC1BP2GL3, /wiki/pelegith, /wiki/HHA, character list, /wiki/strider. Edited index table a little bit. Fixed typo on story directory, slight edits to /about.
Sep 15 2023 - Added Radiant.
Sep 11 2023 - Updated CSS across site. This should fix broken and inconsistent pages.
Aug 9 2023 - Added Transcendent. Plot directory and site map now reflect this. Moved Wormhole around and marked it as an archive.
Aug 7 2023 - Shifted changelog to tumblr. Updated main hex image as I hadn’t noticing a coloring error.
Aug 5 2023 - Changed /meta to instead be named /about. Added image examples to the credit section of /about so you know what I'm actually crediting for.
Aug 3 2023 - Added changelog. Edited /meta. Edits and new images added to /wiki/hex, gave it a pretty big format change to hopefully make things easier to read as now every section is split into a box and there's a divider image between said boxes.