This page contains explicit sexual content and is intended only for consenting audiences above the age of 18.

   Damian wasn’t really sure how he got into this situation. He and Aroo had just been cuddling together on his couch, innocently watching Stirring the Pot (with Chef Nguyen) when suddenly next thing he knew he was clambering on top of his alien partner and grinding against their pelvic bone as they clung to his shirt, pulling him deeper into their kiss. He thinks things went awry when their idle rubbing at his back lowered to his sides. Because then that lowered to his hips, and then…

   Well, he wasn’t complaining. But, he was curious as to how far they would go with this. He pulled away for a moment.

   “Wanna keep going?” He asked, both of them knowing that by keep going, he really meant go farther.

   Aroo nodded with half-lidded eyes and a dopey smile on their reptile-like muzzle. Well, in that case…

   He reached for the remote and fumbled with it as the chef on the TV began announcing her next challenge for this episode’s collection of contestants.

   “Not now, Chef Nguyen.” He mumbled as he hit pause and dropped the remote back on the table. “We’re kinda fuckin’ busy here.”

   Aroo chimed in. “Yeah, busy fucking.”

   For that quip Damian grabbed Aroo’s muzzle and roughly pressed his mouth against theirs, attempting to silence any further attempts at humor.

   “I thought it was funny.” Came the muffled voice within their still-closed mouth, spoken with their strange tube-like tongue. Hex didn’t speak with lips like humans did.

   “You’re hilarious.” He said gruffly as he pulled away and settled back into the position of straddling their hips.

   “Nothin’ crazy, right? It’s late and we’re both tired.”

   “Sounds good. We can be quick tonight.”

   He nodded and glanced around the room for a moment. It was dark, illuminated only by the light of the paused television. They were in his dorm room, sparsely decorated aside from his few possessions strewn about on counters and tables. Dorm room sounded like he was in college, but he could never think of anything else to call this place. Apartment fit less than dormitory did, but what else do you call something like this? A short building full of identical rooms temporarily housing people as they did their work on this research base? It’s a dorm.

   “Hm?” Came Aroo’s curious hum beneath him, concerned with his silence. “You good?”

   “Fine.” He says as he looks down at them again. “Just lost in thought. I’m okay. I was just thinking about how calling this building a dormitory makes it sound like we’re college kids, but it’s not like there’s any other words that fit either.”

   They didn’t respond and he stuttered. “…A-anyways,” he leaned down to kiss them again, this time swiping his rough sandpaper tongue against their lips. He once asked if it was uncomfortable, but they said it wasn’t sandpaper-y at all and just felt a little funny, so he fought the concern in the back of his mind as he coaxed them into parting their lips.

   They obliged, opening their mouth slightly and letting their long thin tongue snake out and meet his own. They made out like that for a while, or at least did an action similar enough to making out considering their difference in species anatomy. Of course, tongue shape wasn’t the only difference at play here. A hexapod’s tongue was an incredible multi-purpose organ, and one of those purposes happened to be functioning as a penis, which took some getting used to but was nothing unpleasant.

   Eventually, he opened his mouth wider, taking their tongue in and holding it there, careful that it slid between his sharp teeth and was not pricked against them. He gently pressed his tongue up against it, applying pressure with light suction. As that was how a hex preferred pleasure on that organ, smooth pressure rather than the thrusting that humans got up to.

   Aroo hummed at that, the vibrations traveling through their tongue. Because this wasn’t hard and didn’t require much focus, Damian began to trail his right hand down Aroo’s back, eventually slipping it beneath their shirt and rubbing at their side. They returned this somewhat, distractedly placing their hands on his hips. He even lightly ghosted his claws down the tiny vestigial wings around their own hips.

   But his destination was not simply their wings, no. He shifted his position and lowered his hand to their pelvis, sliding his fingers between the fabric opening of their underwear, the one that was like the dick hole of his boxers.

   He ran his fingers along the length of their slit, feeling pleased when Aroo shuddered. Thankfully, the outer slit had a lot of nerve endings in it, meaning he did not have to feel guilty over not being able to finger them due to the large claws he always neglected to trim.

   Aroo squirmed beneath him. He’d briefly let up pressure on their tongue as he’d been focusing on his hand movements. They wanted more, needed it. He could laugh at that. What a species this was, to have their dick in his mouth and still be at his mercy.

   Today he was feeling quite merciful, and generous too. He had no reason not to be this time, they agreed on it. He resumed rhythmically applying and lessening pressure against their tongue as he continued trailing his padded fingertips up and down their slit.

   The nostrils on their neck flared, huffing breaths in and out. They were quite eager tonight, he noted to himself. He would tease them for this, but luckily for them his mouth was busy. Something they were probably happy about.

   Suddenly, he noticed that warm liquid was slowly pooling in his mouth. Aroo’s massive clawed hands desperately and pleadingly gripped his shoulders. He gave a smug humph as he leaned back, pulling some of the tongue out of his mouth. His hand wrapped around the length that was now exposed and gently gave it massaging squeezes.

   They were cumming, and they would continue cumming for several more minutes. Hex orgasms were a long and slow affair; intimate, vulnerable, drawling. Damn near spiritual, in his opinion. Like slow motion. But maybe he was just super into aliens. He swallowed some of the liquid, knowing from experience that neglecting it would grow very messy very quickly. He was quite happy take it all anyways.

   Aroo had been very flustered when he asked for a sample so he could do an allergy test on himself, but knowing they were in the clear was completely worth it. He wouldn’t dream of wasting such luck.

   He was pulled from his satisfied ruminations as Aroo stiffened and a larger volume of cum suddenly rushed forth, quickly returning to normal. Oops, hand might have squeezed a bit too hard. He needed to swallow again already. That usually only happened when he overstimulated them. He soothingly rubbed a thumb against their tongue, happy to hear them give only a contented huff in response.

   The slowly ebbing liquid was warm, watery, and practically tasteless. Well, it had the same sort of salty musky taste that genitals had, but it had no unique taste to call its own, quite disappointingly.

   The liquid’s flow slowed down tremendously, and Aroo made the move to pull away, craning their long neck down and resting their head against their own chest. Their breaths were heavy, but slowing. He stooped down to rub his cheeks against the side of their face for a while.

   “My turn.” He then whispered into their ear, in a voice he hoped was deep and sexy. They gave no protest, just a noise and a wave of their hand. He lifted off of them temporarily to disrobe from the waist-down and to pull off Aroo’s underwear. When all was ready, he repositioned himself above their pelvis.

   He reached his hand down and gently tugged at the skin above his tdick, pulling the barbed head out of its foreskin. For a moment, he admired himself. What was once a pea-sized clitoris was now an approximately 3.5 cm micropenis, hard and erect and waiting impatiently.

   No need to keep it waiting. With the slightest grin, he shifted forward and down, watching and feeling his penis dip into his partner’s slit. He sighed happily at finally feeling its warmth and wetness. His noises swapped to groaning when he began to steadily grind back and forth.

   He couldnt get any meaningful penetration like this, not yet at least. He was able to stick it into their vagina with great care, but the slightest movement disconnected them. No matter, rubbing against them was perfectly passable for him. Some days, it was good enough to make him cum

   Today could be one of those days, he hoped. His eyes were closed, brows furrowed as he focused on the sensation. One of his large ears flicked as he noticed this was being a bit… Noisy. The shifting of slick against slick was audible. He felt a tinge at embarrassment, having internalized that silence was required when living with such thin walls, but he knew no one would hear this, so he allowed himself to enjoy it. Especially when it was paired with Aroo’s hitched breaths and moans. He chuckled lowly, smug that he could bring them pleasure with just his tdick, and without penetration as well. They were still a bit sensitive, but this shouldn’t be too overwhelming for them. If they hadn’t promised earlier to keep things simple today, he would have made sure it was overwhelming.

   He panted as he continued, sometimes stopping to re-adjust his legs. The movement was a bit awkward. Not quite grinding, not quite thrusting. And that’s not even mentioning when his foot or knee would sink a little too deep between couch cushions, why the hell hadn’t they moved to bed? But it was too late now, he wasn’t going to stop.

   He allowed his mind to wander a bit, to re-imagine what was happening. He pictured himself as having a more typical penis, a potential future for him if he could get a sex reassignment surgery. The things it’d feel. Hot and wet, feeling inside of them with more than just fingers. Cumming inside of them. Breeding them. Knocking them up. Filling them with cum and admiring his work.

   Each breath was coming out hard and labored now as he felt a warm sort of pleasure start to grow in his groin. He had to hold himself back, to stay steady and actually move in a way that’d further this feeling. It was almost overwhelming. He was losing the ability to envision any fantasies, mind blanking and instead focusing on what he was actually feeling.

   “Gonna… Fill you up….” He mumbled through ragged breaths, pitifully attempting dirtytalk.

   “Oh? Already?” They were definitely trying hard to keep their voice steady.

   “Yeah,” He admitted freely, opening his eyes to flash a quick fanged smile before closing them again and tensing his muscles as the sensation balled up inside of him; growing hotter, tighter, more intense.

   He growled hard and gripped Aroo’s hip with just as much fervor as he climaxed. He pressed down on them, feeling his dick throb inside of them. Words he did not consciously pick spilled as he snarled sweet nothings to his love. After a few moments of this he pulled himself together again.

   The sensation faded steadily, but he still slowly thrust against them, riding out every last bit of pleasure he could. The overwhelming intensity was now replaced but a warm satisfaction and when he was finally spent he flopped forward onto their chest.

   He closed his eyes when a hand as big as his head reached up to stroke his hair, though one of his ears gave a hard dramatic flick when their hand accidentally brushed against it.

   A rough and deep grumble appeared in his chest as he breathed in and out; purring.

   “I love you.” Came Aroo’s quiet voice, full of mirth despite their equal levels of exhaustion.

   “I love you, too.” Damian said quietly. He rubbed his face against their chest, “You’re my bed now.”

   “We’ve abandoned Chef Nguyen.” Aroo said in reference to the show that would now stay paused until tomorrow evening. Their voice

reverberated in their chest just a bit.

   “She’s fine,” Damian grumbled. “Now we know what we’re gonna watch tomorrow.”