Siren's Song

Drawing of a thick blue flower with orange stamens topped with yellow pollen. The plant also has brown sticks coming off of it that are topped with round burrs.
A single specimen of Siren's Song.

Siren’s Song is the common name for a species of flowering plant native to Photh that is known for its uniquely mind-altering pollen. When inhaled, the pollen of the Siren induces a sudden sexual arousal and overall increase in libido in almost every species.


The Siren is made up of two major parts, the flower and the protective burrs that extend around it and contain the plant's seeds.

There is much speculation about the evolutionary purpose behind the aphrodisiac effect of the siren. The most widely accepted theory is that the sweet-smelling flower draws animals in, and the pollen ensures that they stay around the flower for an extended period of time, giving the burrs plenty of time to latch onto whatever is near. When the creatures move on, they carry the plant’s seeds away with them.

Sapient Use

Humans have been using Siren pollen recreationally for much of recorded history. In the modern day, it’s harvested and sold across the galaxy for its ability to boost libido and skin sensitivity in any species.

A human and a hex alien in hazmat suits standing in a field of flowers.

Harvested Siren's Song pollen comes in many forms:

• Plain jarred pollen.
• Nasal sprays.
• Drinks. Usually in small single-shot bottles.
• Candles.
• Soaps and massage bars. (Which do not actually have an effect, as the pollen must enter the bloodstream in some way for it to have any effect. There is controversy over whether bath products involving the Siren should be considered scams or not.)
• Pills. Both of the gas station variety, and medical over-the-counter pills that can be taken once a day to improve libido and sexual function. These are very commonly paired with antidepressants.

It should be noted that no matter the dose, people exposed to Siren pollen are still sound of mind and not mentally impared in any way. Workers frequently wear hazmat suits while interacting with the Siren as it can be very annoying to be absurdly horny every day. Plus, extensive exposure can have a negative effect on physical health. Those boners would last way longer than 4 hours...