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Spiral is a hard science fiction story taking place in an alternate universe that is quite similar to our own.

This website is hand-coded by myself. I edit in both Neocities' built-in HTML editor as well as Notepad++.

I am slowly working on getting all of the information I have available onto this website so that this is the definitive place to find accurate information. In the meantime, my Tumblr blog and FurAffinity are great places to find more information. Do note, that this is still the best place to find up to date and canon information. If anything you read conflicts, just know that the information and images on this site are the ones that are correct.


Inspired by the questions on Worldanvil's meta page.

What genre is this?

Spiral is hard science fiction. The currently untitled story with my characters that takes place within it is slice of life. It's just that their lives are kinda weird n fucked up.

Why is this project considered 18+?

Because this is all fetish bait written by an alienfucker for alienfuckers.

I'm only partially kidding. This is rooted in an innocent and safe for work desire to write characters and explore science fiction, don't get me wrong. But also, I absolutely do write about NSFW topics here, thus rendering this website inappropriate for minors. Keeping minors out also gives me a lot more freedom with what topics I cover.

What is your motivation for building this world?

I love making characters and worlds for those characters to live in and I love going down research rabbit holes. I've previously only written fantasy, yet taking a hard science approach to this is not stifling my creativity, it is forcing me to exercise it in order to create a fantastical world that could theoretically exist in our future. Restriction forces my creativity to take new paths that I never would have considered otherwise. These things are unlikely to happen, but they have the potential to be technologically possible with our current understanding of physics.

What is your goal with this project?

To have fun and to tell a meaningful story. I have a bit of a "good damage" complex about my writing but it's okay.

What are some re-occuring themes and symbols within your story?

Incredible feats of science being treated as mundane aspects of everyday life. Repeated symbolism of hands, mouths, and teeth being tools associated with relationships. Creatures with enough dignity to be silly. And of course, a constant questioning of nature or nurture.

This is a story where character interaction and relationships are the main focus. They are isolated and forced to interact with eachother within their isolated bubble on the pelegith planet. It's a story about recovery and accepting oneself despite being othered by society.

What are some of your inspirations for Spiral?

Teratophilia and exophilia art

- Exploring love and relationships between intelligent sapient beings of different species.

- Feeling attraction to someone not despite difference but because of it.

All Tomorrows

- Humans staying human no matter how much their outer appearance is changed.

- Holding onto hope and love despite countless cosmic setbacks.

- A look into how various species traits could influence their lifestyles.

The Last of Us

- A zombie virus that feels realistic because of how steeped it is in the reality of cordyceps, even if it is in actuality very unrealistic and takes a lot of creative liberties.

- Has complex character arcs and relationships. Has an amazing positive character arc that results in negative character actions. (Joel's love for Ellie being the reason why he... if you know you know.)

- Hedgehog's Dilemma.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

- Psychological mindfuck that blends fantasy with sci-fi.

- Deep exploration of characters minds' and relationships with others.

- More hedgehog's Dilemma mmmmmm yum

Runaway to the Stars

- It's a hard sci-fi focusing on accessibility and cohabitation.

- Stars a cast of women and has gay, trans, disabled, etc. characters in a genre where those demographics are ignored or purposefully erased.

The Shape of Water

- Has a monster x human relationship where both parties are intelligent and consenting.

- Disabled protagonist that's loved and accepted and not fixed in the end.


The background image of this site, a photo of Earth from space. The camera is close enough that Earth is only partially visible, and one can see its atmosphere around the planet.

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