Character List

List of all characters.

Damian Forsythe

Damian Forsythe is a [Manticore], a human created via [Genetic Modification]. Grown in an artificial womb, he was one of the last manticores ever created. Due to a bunch of legal loopholes and fuck ups, he ended up in the custody of lead scientist Dr. Forsythe.

Blunt, autistic, quiet, melancholic, self-reflective.

Goes to RC1BP2GL3 on an a research mission.

Relationships: Aroo (Romantic Partner) - Dr. Forsythe (Father) - Aland Holger (Former Boss) - Wolfgang Holger (Friend)

Appearances: Lost Connection, Transcendent, They're Fucking Gay, Radiant

Damian Forsythe is a furry human with cat-like traits. His skin is brown and his hair is black. He wears a gray t-shirt with jeans. His left arm is missing, he is using a prosthetic hook.

Aroo Ee'eck

A hexapod raised on an HHA space station among both humans and hexapods, resulting in them picking up the traits of both species. This makes them a bit off-putting to both. Joins the RC1B research project.

Anxious, agoraphobic, people-pleaser, collector.

Appearances: Transcendent, They're Fucking Gay, Radiant

Aroo is a purple snake-like alien with dark blue-purple ring markings. They have orange antennae, yellow dots along their body, green sacks on their neck, and a long tail.

Dr. Forsythe

In charge of [Genetic Modification] research and progress on ____, adoptive father of Damian Forsythe.

Wolfgang Holger

Son of Aland Holger. Half-Manticore. Joins the RC1B research project.

Youngest of the group. Naive. Doesn't take things very seriously. Prods. Curious

Digitally painted headshot, Wolfgang has brown hair and white fur.

Aland Holger

Manticore. Wolfgang's father. Damian's former boss.

Serious businessman, but lax interpersonally. Unless that's an act?

Aland is an older man with gray fur and darker gray stripes that got vertically down his entire body. In this reference to the left he is naked in only underwear and on the right he is wearing a suit.


Damian's AI companion. Originally the pilot of his spacecraft, its server has been ripped out and is being used to run diagnostics and analysis on RC1B. It can still talk though so all is well in its opinion.

Appearances: Lost Connection