They're Fucking Gay

They're fucking gay two-page comic.

Comic transcription:

"They're Fucking Gay by ME!!!" is a short comic with lined sketches colored in light blue with dark blue shading and light yellow highlights.

Panel 1: Damian and Aroo are walking side by side as Aroo excitedly explains something to Damian. Aroo's first text bubble is partially obscured behind Damian, making some text unreadable. What can be read says "and even if they played a ton of dragons you don't have to worry if you've actually got a well-rounded deck with plenty of spells because then you could just do something like halt their play or even... all the dragons they... of people don't even...have a ton of spells... can deal with just..."

Damian goes "Mhm." as they speak. They continue in another speech bubble. "Now, of course that's assuming they don't have any counter spells in their hand, cause if they do then you're pretty screwed and-" They are cut off by a beeping noise. They exclaim "Fuck!" As the beeping continues.

Panel 2: They silence the alarm on their phone, causing to to make one last beep. They appear annoyed and are flicking their tongue out. Damian is nervously scratching at his face behind them. Aroo says "Shit, I gotta go. Sorry about the rant."

Panel 3: Aroo continues talking with a nervous expression as they face towards the camera with their eyes pointing left. "At this point I should just teach you how to play."

Panel 4: Damian, now smiling and crossing his arms says "I'm free tonight." as the vague silhouette of Aroo's back can be seen, implying that they're turning and walking away.

Panel 5: Aroo casts an extremely tense look over their shoulder. The sun, partially obscured behind a tree, is framed behind their head.

Panel 6: Aroo turns their neck to face more towards the camera. Their eyes are wide but their expression appears happy as they say "Oh! Okay! Let's do that then!"

Panel 7: The camera has zoomed out to show Aroo's entire body as they turn further to face Damian. They're nervously playing with their hands as they say "I'll... Uh... Message you later...! Bye!"

Panel 8: Damian stands with a surprised expression, arms still crossed from earlier.

Panel 9: Damian looks down in surprise as his phone suddenly beeps.

Panel 10: The camera is focused on Damian's phone as he holds it and looks at what appears to be the home page of a health app. A voice from his phone, an A.I. named Fang, says "Your BPM has skyrocketed."
Damian replies with "Shut up."
The voice responds with "lmao."