Hexapod-Human Alliance

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The Human-Hexapod Alliance (or Hexapod-Human Alliance), was established in the year XXXX as a result of the collaborative efforts between humans and hexapods. Its original purpose being to advocate for equal rights between both species on the other's homeplanet, but its focus has shifted a couple times during its history. Some of the things it has done are:
  • Redefining all legislature to no longer center man or hex, but to instead center “sophonts.”
  • Being able to marry each other (and later, any recognized sophont.)
  • Inser more later.



Initially founded to advocate for the rights and well being of both species on each other’s planets, the HHA found quick success and much public support.

Early Advocacy

The alliance continues its fight for equality and improves living conditions for each species, quickly garnering support from the public.

Shifting Focus

With the attainment of full legal equality and the decreasing need for political campaigning, the HHA shifted towards promoting social integration and cohabitation.

Space Stations

With its grown social influence and financial power, the HHA collaborated with space programs on both planets to construct space stations that bridged the gap between their worlds.

The alliance’s goal was to make the two-year journey easier, giving stops along the way to rest and maintain spacecraft. Not only that, but these stations purposefully employed and recruited an equal mix of both species to show that cohabitation was easily possible.

These stations led to the innovation of numerous designs for objects that would be equally accessible to both species. Having a living space built for both species rather than one or the other heavily encouraged cohabitation in people who were open to the idea but couldn’t take living on a world that was not designed for them.

Financial Boom

These stations were more than glorified pit stop towns. They also promoted space exploration and resource collection. The HHA rapidly accumulated wealth from nearby celestial bodies.


With the acquisition of resources and establishment of outposts, the HHA declares that it owns the territory it resides in. While resources freely flow to both planets, it must go through the HHA first.


To manage the territory and establish true legal claims over its resources, the HHA establishes its own governance structures, laws, policies, and institutions.

Modern Day

The HHA still continues to accumulate wealth and resources, but has shifted focus to finding habited exoplanets.